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Antoine Wilmet presents in these pages his creations through the different techniques he uses: drawing, painting, engraving and ceramics. He trained between handcrafts and Art, starting by studying engraving in Paris (France), as well as during various internships in Paris, Barcelona (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Later he studied Fine arts in Marseille (France) and Linz (Austria).

The production of artisanal ceramics is a recent aspect of his work, alongside his other activities. He currently lives and works between France and Colombia. The atmospheres specific to each of these places where he lived or worked are the essence of his artistic practice.


Fine Arts Diploma, Major in painting and graphic art, at Linz University of Art (Austria)

DNA (National Art Diploma) at the Marseille Mediterranean School of Art and Design (ESADMM) in Marseille (France)

DMA (Diplôme Métiers d’Arts), Major in engraving, at the Estienne school (ESAIG) in Paris (France)